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Trailed calf milk cart

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It is produced in 150 Lt, 200 Lt and 250 Lt capacities.

It has an adjustable digital temperature display.

- Made entirely of AISI 304 quality stainless steel

- It is on wheels. It can be moved easily.

- It has a mixer. The mixer has a double speed adjustment and is used for both milk and food preparation. Speed ​​adjuster Driver is used.

- Thanks to the high speed adjustment option of the mixer, powdered food is mixed homogeneously without clumping.

- The chamber side walls are double-walled and insulated with polyurethane. It ensures that the food in the boiler stays at the same temperature until it is completely distributed and finished.

- The heating water in the reservoir placed at the bottom of the food boiler is heated by 2 electrical resistances, which are 380 volts of electricity and are suitable for the capacity of the chamber, and the food-milk in the boiler (Bain-marie Method) is brought to the desired temperature in a healthy way with the heated water.

- The heating system works with 380 volts, 2 electrical resistances of suitable size for the chamber capacity. Thermal magnetic switches are available. Heating

While doing the process, it heats every cm2 of milk at an equal temperature thanks to its mixer.

- The food-milk put into the chamber is heated to 60-65 C, kept at the same temperature for 30 minutes and pasteurized. At the end of pasteurization, the hot water in the lower part of the chamber is drained and a cold water connection is made instead. With the cold water circulation, the food-milk in the chamber is brought to the desired temperature (38-42 C). The temperature of the product inside the boiler can be adjusted according to demand.

- If the product is not desired to be pasteurized; The food - milk in the reservoir is brought to the desired temperature (38-42 C) and served.

- When the amount of water in the heating water tank decreases, the heating system does not operate and gives an audible warning.

In this way, the electrical resistances in the heating system are protected against possible malfunctions.

- It has an electrically driven discharge gun. The discharge gun works thanks to the rechargeable battery placed on the machine.

- During product distribution, the product temperature in the boiler can be followed on the digital screen.

- Since the product chamber is double-walled and insulated, the product in the chamber is kept at a constant temperature during distribution. outdoor air

not affected by the conditions.

- Battery charge is timed. When the machine is connected to the electricity, the battery starts to charge and when the charging is completed, it automatically cuts off the electricity. In this way, possible damages due to the battery being charged longer than necessary are prevented.

- It is extremely easy to clean thanks to the fact that all the moving parts are placed down and its stainless steel surface. At the end of the work, the inside of the tub is washed, the discharge gun is inserted into its slot in the tub and the circulation is operated. In this way, the entire line is cleaned. Dirty water is easily emptied thanks to the drain valve at the bottom and rinsed with clean water.