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Plastic Sheep and Cow Drinkers

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All animals such as Sheep, Goat, Cow, Buffalo, Cattle, Dog, Goose, Duck, etc. can use the Plastic Float Drinker with 5 liter capacity easily.

Plastic drinker for cattle and also suitable for goats and sheep with hidden float
Nominal water volume - 5 liters
Dimensions - 24x28x15 cm.
The principle of operation of the drinker is that the trough has a locking mechanism with a hidden float, similar to that installed in the toilet bowl.
When the water level in the drinker drops, the float drops and the valve opens. Water from the water supply fills the trough until the float rises and again does not block the flow.

Product description
100% brand new and high quality
The color like on the picture
Weight: 1500 g.
*Material: high quality plastic
* Water supply method: Pipeline
* Country of origin: Turkey

Package includes:
1x high-quality plastic drinker with 2 clamps and a float comes fully assembled and in working order.

Perfect for farm use and can be a good helper for farms and also suitable for outdoor animals.