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Cow cubicle

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• Free stalls are designed for young and adult cows to provide them a more comfortable and safe resting.

• Different than well-known models, in order to help animals well positioning, it has chest rest and nape pipe.

• Free stalls are covered with galvanized to project against corrosion.

• For a stronger construction the connection parts are used during the free stall producing and assembling.

• Before production and assembling of the free stalls, our technical staff make visits to the farms and do the project design.

• In order to increase animal comfort, as option it can be installed together with rubber pads. Other Features: It is made of dubbed type where it is convenient for construction and installation. 4 steel dowels are mounted on concrete. It is resistant to corrosion in the barn, it is subjected to hot galvanized dipped galvanizing process. Stop bars are made of non-welded unassembled type, connections are clamped together. Free stalls; Adjustable neck neck and chest rest to prevent the patient from tilting forward.

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