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Head Locks

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AsilFarm Feeding Headlocks provide equal feeding space and proportional feeding for each animal and allows the farmer to use feed more economically.

It avoids the utmost problems in animal breeding such as; the innutrition and insufficient feeding problems.

1-  Pipe: Ø48 mm, Space per animal (Width): 75 cm

2- :Pipe: Ø60 mm, Space per animal (Width): 75 cm

- Headlocks are made of hot dipped galvanized steel pipes

- A locking is realized by means of a handle during feeding time.

- Headlocks can open to both two sides. Locking mechanism able to move in both left and right directions which allows to release the animals conveniently.  

- Headlocks have multi locking as well as individual central locking function.  

- In order to prevent noise and corrosion, PVC locking parts and rubber wedges are used at locking mechanism. The rubber wedge enables easier movement and faster return of the locking arm.

.- Headlocks are produced and mounted in groups of 4 and 8 according to the headlock model. Special production can also be made for different sizes.

- The height of the headlock is produced 94 cm. from inside to inside to avoid the damage during feeding

- AsilFarm locking system can be reproduced in as much as animal number and extendable.