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Tube (sleeve) ventilation in calf houses
Tube (sleeve) ventilation should be a standard part of every calf house. It is always dimensioned according to concrete conditions and barn dimensions. The main effect of using a tube ventilation is a significant reduction of infection pressure on calves and thus better prevention of respiratory diseases.

It is simple and easy system both from investment and operating point of view. We recommend use of tube ventilation mainly in barns with individual boxes and also in pen barns with calves on plant nutrition.

Axial ventilation in barns for dairy cows
We offer different types of axial ventilators (both horizontal and vertical). Their diameters and output are always designed according to the conditions and space in a barn.

Hybrid ventilation in dairy cows barns
Unlike conventional systems of natural ventilation using open side walls and circulation fans above boxes or a feeding ground, hybrid ventilation system uses fans placed on side walls. This ensures besides efficient air flow also air change even during windless. The fans push fresh air towards boxes and are used only in hot summer period when they ensure air change in a barn approximately 40 or 60 times per hour.

Side roll curtains
Winding using manual or electrical control, controlled by weather station.